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Full of History & Culture

StudyCamp with Russian kids!

Moscow         St.Petersburg
Golden Ring Cities: Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Suzdal, Vladimir
Siberian city: Omsk       Rusian Caucases: Kislovodsk

Ages: 9 — 12 & 13 — 17                

StudyCamp is an International Language camp with lots of activities in English & Russian! We welcome kids from all the countries and will try our best to make them happy! You can choose between Russian and English classes and enjoy practicing the language in rhymes and tongue twisters, various games and staging fairy tales. The programme includes a good mixture of English and Russian speaking activities, team work, active games and fun! A StudyCamp certificate will remind you later about your achievements and the great time you had in Russia!

StudyCamp in Yaroslavl takes place at the junior learning centre on the River Volga in ancient Yaroslavl! Virgin forest and amazing views of nature will give you lots of new positive emotions! If you come in January or March - you will have fun playing with snow, building snow castles, skiing and sledging! Everyday walks in fresh air will improve your appetite and add colour to your cheeks.

In our camp kids are splitted into groups of 12-15 according to their age. They feel comfortable and make new friends very quickly inside these small groups. Two councilors always stay with each group. They are usually students or young teachers from StudyCamp pedagogical team with good experience of working with kids! Councilors will assist every kid to participate in all kinds of activities. They are already looking forward to meeting you at StudyCamp! Look at the picture! You can see some of them here!

StudyCamp programme at a glance:

  • Welcome to StudyCamp! – meet all the staff and get to know each other! Lots of fun!
  • Introduction Night – your first team show to all the camp!
  • Creative & Fun games - The Erudite, Dancing Basll, International Talent Show!
  • Russian Christmas with traditional Russian songs&games, dancing around the fire, treats&presents! 
  • Creative Studios: photo, PR, English traditions, fashion, arts&crafts, dancing
  • StudyCamp Awards & Nominations – your final night in StudyCamp!
  • «Minute of Trust» - daily team-building talk in your international group
  • Evening snack – “kefir”

You will make new friends and learn a lot about Russia, Russian traditions, history and culture!

3-day sightseeing in Russian ancient cities Yaroslavl - Kostroma - Rostov:

  • Yaroslavl with many cathedrals with gilded domes dated back to the 17th century, the embankment of the Volga river, visit to the Yaroslavl monastery, museum «Music through time»;
  • Pereslavl-Zalesskiy - founded by the Russian grand prince Yuri Dolgorukiy (also known as Yuri the long-armed) in the 12th century: Cathedral, earthwork & hillforts, Museums of Old Irons & Samovars;
  • Rostov Kremlin dating back to the 16th century with cathedrals, churches, belfries and museums of Finift (Russian enamel)& Rostov Bells.

3-day sightseeing in MOSCOW:

  • 2nights accommodation: Hostel in central Moscow (clean & safe, 4-8 per room, bunk beds, breakfast & dinner at cafe);
  • Coach Guided tour of Moscow: Manezh square, Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, beautiful Novodevichy Monastery, Moscow State University at Sparrow Hills with the view of Moscow, The Victory memorial, Theatre Square with the Bolshoi Theatre, Arbat street, many famous streets and squares;
  • Walking Guided Tour to Red Square and Alexander Gardens
  • Guided tour to the Moscow Kremlin: Tsar Bell&Tsar Cannon, Kremlin Palaces, famous cathedrals, museums
  • Optional: guided tour to Kremlin Armoury - the oldest museum in Russia and one of the richest with crown jewels, historic arms and armour, costumes and furnishings, icons and manuscripts, coaches, sleighs, state carriages;
  • Optional: performance at Moscow Circus (from 25Eur);

 3-day sightseeing in St.PETERSBURG:

  • 2nights accommodation: Hostel in central St.Petersburg (clean & safe, 4-8 per room, bunk beds, breakfast & dinner at cafe);
  • Coach Guided tour of St.Petersburg:  many famous streets and squares;
  • Walking Guided tour of central St.Petersburg;
  • Guided tour to Winter Palace and The Hermitage - one of the richest museums in Russia with crown jewels, costumes and furnishings, icons and manuscripts;
  • Optional: performance at St.Petersburg theatre (from 25Eur);


    Programme and location Length Group Meal plan Period GBP EUR Rub
2days 15+2 FB 01.01-25.12.2016 ---   ---
3days 15+2 FB 01.01-25.12.2016 ---   ---
4days 15+2 FB 01.01-25.12.2016 ---   ---
3days 15+2 FB 01.01-25.12.2016 ---   ---
Moscow + St.Petersburg
8days 15+2 FB 01.01-25.12.2016 ---   ---
3days 15+2 FB 01.01-25.12.2016 ---   ---
Suzdal - Vladimir
3days 15+2 FB 01.01-25.12.2016 ---   ---